Rendezvous Avec Deux

Hi gents, I'm a well-known escort in a major Aus city. I see a variety of clients from high end executives to the average aussie bloke. My specialities generate a lot of repeat, satisfied gents. I have to do tours of other states to see new guys.... jk

Seriously, it’s a real turn on to satisfy guys and give them what they want, when they need it.  Cos it’s apparent many women don’t know how to keep their men pleased…they take but don’t give. I don’t understand that. It needs to be mutual.  At least that necessity gives me an ongoing lifestyle I enjoy, and I help gratify others. People need an escape from their everyday life, so if I can satisfy that, my role is fulfilled and I feel whole in being able to give someone what they desire.

I have many interesting encounters. Some are generally quite tame. Some are high class, like a movie script. I love my life.

About a month ago, I had a dinner date booked with a lovely gentleman. He was visiting Melbourne for business and, on his last day, a Saturday night, he invited me to a beautiful restaurant at a ritzy hotel, the equivalent of a high-class brasserie and bar. He said he missed my company, and he wanted to enjoy me for his last night in town. We had an encounter a few months back in another city.

I was really excited about the invitation, so I headed straight to my stylist to search for a lovely new dress. I wanted to wear something really delightful, so I chose an Olivia Strapless Cocktail Dress, by Montique. It was so sleek and sexy. It was the ideal dress to wear… crafted stylishly and fit me perfectly. I was set. I had a driver pick me up and I wanted to be early so he could walk in and see me. His eyes portrayed his excitement and surprise when he saw me as he walked in. We kissed and he invited me to a private booth where he ordered bubbles, my favorite vueve. We chatted briefly, sipped champagne, caught up on some recent events then moved to our table. Very relaxed. He ordered…entrée was Soupe à l'oignon, a perfect winter starter, for both of us. Taking control. Coming into main, he chose a Kyara estate grown Bush Lawyer Shiraz to suit the next course, feeling I would choose a suitable dish. For me it was beef bourguignon and he chose Pot-au-Feu, both exquisitely complementing the red. Under subtle candlelight we chatted and laughed, our mains waiting for our hungry lips. The red was flowing and accompanying the central dishes. We were laughing and sharing stories, planning our next rendezvous already.  After a rest we were considering dessert or a different menu. After a filling feast, calisson for dessert was agreed with tisane rather than a coffee. We wanted to keep the mellow feel for the night, with the expectation of what was to come. We were floating and so filled with joyous winter food, and a light dessert, ready for the palate cleanser. We ordered sorbet to go. Hot n cold…you know where this is going.

What an evening, in the heat of a winter’s night!

Come join me. You too could have a night to remember.