We will refund any payments for services that meet the consumer guarantees contained in the Australian Consumer Law, or any other statutory or common law rights you may have.

You can seek a refund of payments for services by:

  • notifying Lustii about your refund request as soon as possible, provided such notification occurs before your registration has become active, and prior to your advertising going live on our website; and
  • providing Lustii with adequate information to enable a proper assessment of your refund notification 

You will be contacted within 28 days of your notification in relation to refund decisions. We reserve the right to approve refunds, credits, or make any other decision, as deemed appropriate on a case by case basis, taking into account all the circumstances in a particular situation. Refunds may be in full, in part or on a pro rata or other basis, depending on the merits of the refund application, and the overall circumstances based on our ultimate discretion.

You acknowledge and agree that you are liable for any services provided prior to our receiving and processing any approved refund. We may calculate any refund by taking into account part or all of the fees paid or payable for any service.

Should replacement advertising be approved, you will be permitted to update your advertising for a period of seven (7) business days.

Should internet and website services not be available at any time for reasons beyond our control, we take no responsibility in the short term for any such malfunction or interruption. However, should such disruption to services continue for a prolonged period, we are prepared to consider a pro rata refund where practicable, to be determined entirely at our discretion. 

Our Services Refund Policy is null and void if:

  • you have breached our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy
  • you have breached any relevant law, regulation or contract
  • you are an Advertiser but have chosen to withdraw your advertising for personal or other reasons, such as lack of use or perceived necessity, favouring a differentially priced alternative, dislike for advertising placement or formatting, or similar considerations on your part  
  • you requested bespoke or stylised advertising which was outside our advice or guidelines, or you were vague or unclear as to your precise requirements
  • our services were unavailable for any reason

References to refunds of payments for services contained in our Terms and Conditions are to be construed in conjunction with this Services Refund Policy.

Nothing in this Services Refund Policy limits, restricts, excludes or modifies any of your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Once we have received payment from you, then subject to your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law or common law, you have no right and are unable to request a refund, and/or modify your subscription. We do not offer refunds simply in the event you change your mind or make a wrong decision, however we will sympathetically and genuinely consider all reasonable requests having regard to the merits and the particular circumstances involved.