Luxurious Companionship

As a member of Lustii, it’s refreshing to see such a progressive site. I remember separating and dreading going into the dating game again.  Why would you want that again? I kept out. Even at my age of 60 years, I didn’t know about the industry. I thought about it…should I? I went there. Wow. Someone who actually cares and is immersed in you. Yes, you pay…so what is different getting nothing for years paying bills, dinners…nothing compares. One month of bills…less…joy and fulfilment. A willing ear, someone who listens, someone who is experienced and not egotistical. These classy girls know…they know a man. We just want to be loved. We want no strings. A confidante. A lady who wants to help…to make herself available and vulnerable. Guess what, you get a guy who does the same for you.

 It’s very simple.

The ladies have a unique sense of purpose. It’s not service…it’s connection. Knowing.

 I recently spoke with the friend of a friend’s father. As a young guy I always wondered why he didn’t have a wife.  I recently asked him.  He said:

It’s like this… not that I don’t like the companionship of a woman, I wanted to achieve certain things. Also wanted to be able to sleep in or stay in bed all weekend if that’s what I desired. Having a wife, from observing friends, would mean I was answerable for every move I make, every breath I take.

With the quality of luxury companions on Lustii, you don’t need the…pardon the French…head f$#* in answering the questions and what you’re doing and when will you be back. You have a caring lady that is there for you…alone. It’s an awe-inspiring experience.

 Welcome to luxurious companionship