How Tantra Can Enhance Your Pleasure In And Out Of The Bedroom


"Some doors only open from the inside. Breath is a way of accessing that door" - Max Strom 

When we hear the word Tantra, our minds are often transported to a rapturous orgy with God herself in an opulently adorned ashram, but the reality is far more simple.

Tantra is a meditation on pleasure and presence. Tantra is not a rule book or a path to enlightenment, but rather a toolbox of techniques to access deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner, stronger chemistry and vitality, and fuller intenser orgasms. Tantra is a practice of checking in with ourselves, dropping into the body- and most of all being present! It CAN lead to orgasmic, ecstatic euphoria- but that isn’t necessarily its purpose or goal.

You will leave feeling calmer, more connected & repeat practice can help heal a plethora of mental & physical issues.

Tantra can help with:

+ Insomnia

+ Low immune system

+ Stress, anxiety & depression

+ Feeling alone & disconnected

+ Better digestion & gut health

+ Hypertension

+ Lack of sexual confidence, premature ejaculation

+ Reset the nervous system

My approach to sex is similar to my approach to life- be present, ask for what you want, move with intention. I used Tantric techniques in & out of my own bedroom to heal & evolve in my personal life & resolve recurring insecurities, anxieties & depression.

I live, walk, run, fuck, breathe this work & the magic it had brought to my life.

My style of tantra is integrative and intuitive, using several different styles of massage, advanced traditional tantra, embodiment, meditation, shiatsu, sensory play, sensory deprivation, somatic therapy techniques & many modalities of breath work.

Most of all it is a loving, kind, judgement free zone; accessible for all knowledge & skill levels of tantra, sex & intimacy.


Pleasurably yours,

Giselle Lucas xx