Honey Adams Journey

Getting started in the sex industry as an Independent Escort is no easy feat. It can be so challenging that many women and men struggle to stay afloat and gain the support and advice to keep them grounded and thriving emotionally, spiritually and financially.

For myself starting of ten years ago, I had no clue or direction where I was going, what I was doing, and for years I threw my money at many online Platform who had absolutely zero care for my health, wellness or safety.

 I believe like any hands-on business, where you use your beautiful body and soul for your brand (you need to be able to access tools to keep you safe, people who are great supports and also have your best interests at heart).

The Sex industry FOR WAY TOO LONG has had this domination effect and a strong fear-driven tactic for anyone who can help us independent workers (online advertising sites, etc.). Too often, we are taken advantage of, and too scared to speak up for fear of losing access to advertising. Our privacy, emotional and physical wellbeing and hard-earned Dollars FOR WAY TOO LONG have been abused and Taken full advantage of.

I raged about this, and honestly, in my heart, I knew there must be another way. A way where GOOD PEOPLE with GREAT VISIONS for our wonderful world of adult entertainment wanted us not only to survive but to THRIVE, kept SAFE, FINANCIALLY and THRIVING.


 As you all know me, and how integral I am to standing behind only amazing and legitimate people. It took time and lots of research, and about a million demands to view legal docs and binding contracts to know that Lustii was wonderful.

Initially- I’m not going to lie. I was unsure, like any other person in this industry knows, there are so many scams and new “elite” websites launching every week, promising the world and delivering, well, zilch, or even worse, becoming our main advertising site, and then royally f*#ing us.

So, yes I was hesitant when I was approached to be Lustii's Ambassador. But after meeting the team, and gaining a greater understanding of their incredible visions, AND their plans in place, I can safely say that I know I am part of a wonderful family. I wholeheartedly am excited to see the next 12 months of our global launching and ALL THE INCREDIBLE safety features and amazing financial incentives that advertisers receive, purely just for choosing lustii.

Lustii's vision, ensures the worker financially benefits. Unlike other large platforms where the worker is sucked dry just to pay their advertising each month. Its a “you scratch my back I scratch yours” type of biz, and man who doesn’t love a nice scratch! ;)

 Enough said for now, please don’t hesitate to personally reach out to me with any questions or queries!

Much love as always,

Honey Adams