First Date Etiquette

When you think about first date etiquette, you start wondering how you can best present yourself as you are attracted to the other person, you really want him or her to believe you are worthy of getting to know you better.

Whether you met this person online or someone you have known for a while, there a few things that can make or break your chances of getting a second date, here are 8 tips on how to best present yourself!

Be Yourself

Don’t act like someone you are not, simply let your personality shine through without putting on an act, remember that lies have a way of catching up with you and chances are people will see through them very quickly.

A nice smile and a positive attitude will go much further with most people than an impressive job title.

Don’t be Late

Allow enough time to get ready to ensure you show up on time for your first date.

Being late shows a lack of respect for the other person and your new relationship will start off on the wrong foot and no one likes to be kept waiting.

Enjoy a Good Conversation

If holding a conversation is difficult, make sure you have a list of things you like talking about, as this will get the discussion off to a good start.

This might be your hobbies and interests, your occupation, your family and friends or any other topics that can promote discussion.

Always ask questions to show your interest in the other person and give him or her a chance to respond - people who are good conversationalists are fun to be with!

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Don’t keep checking your phone for missed calls or text messages while you’re on a date.

You need to be present in the moment if you are seriously interested in the other person.

It’s best to put your phone on silent unless there is a good reason to have the sound on.

Don’t Give Up Too Much Information

If your goal is to get married and start having children right away, then that’s fine, but the first date isn’t the best time to bring this up as you run a risk of scaring the other person!

Keep the conversation casual and save the heavy discussions for another time.

Make Eye Contact

Body language is one way people can tell if you are genuinely interested in them, and if you face the other person and make eye contact when he or she is talking, then the conversation will be more engaging and meaningful.

Use Proper Table Manners

A big turn off on a first date is when someone tilts the table, burps loudly or starts talking with food in their mouth. If you aren’t sure about what to do in a restaurant, then you need to brush up on some dining etiquette tips, and practice in front of a mirror until good manners become second nature.

Expect to Pay Your Share of the Bill

Gone are the days when the man always picked up the tab, and while some men still prefer to do so, don’t expect it to happen. So you must be prepared to pay for your meal, drinks and entertainment you enjoy on your first date.