Down the Silk Road

I am a 35 year old single guy from Melbourne, Australia and I have been travelling to Asia for the last 15 years, for both business and leisure purposes. 

I am a regular client of Escorts in both Australia and across Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand and I always look forward to visiting one of these countries because the attitude of the Escorts and level of service they provide is great.

In Australia I pay up to $300 for half an hour for an above average escort in a major city in Australia. It is well worth it in quality, compared to any other country. Australia seems to attract a high level of ladies from all over the world that know what men want and have a high level of smarts to give a guy what he wants. You actually get a LADY, not just a girl. This is the major difference here at home.

With travel limited recently, the availability and classiness of Aussie ladies is a nice mix of variety, with many choices of nationalities. It’s an amazing mix, not seen in many other countries. They are both willing companions, intelligent and able to hold a conversation, as well as make the man feel like a king. The focus is on me, attentive looks and sexy smiles that acknowledge the discussion. The flirting is welcoming, and evasive at the same time. Cheeky banter and laughter flow easily. These are high class qualities, that then leads to an easy transition to dessert…

There was a memorable time with a Latin Lady…capital L for a reason. What a smoking hot body, a smile that melts your heart and big brown eyes. Not much makeup, she didn’t need it, and it’s how I like it. Dinner and drinks were just a small entrée, chatting, laughing, repartee… the next 2hrs can only be left to your vivid imagination.  Talk about fireworks. I’ll give you an update after the next round.

With my privileged Lustii “sneak peek”, Aussies and the world have another level of class being added to the adult landscape. With the beautiful ladies already here, it will get better and bigger as the months progress, giving massive variety to guys around Australia. With the escort royalty already endorsing this site, I look forward to meeting new ladies and enjoying an innovative level of sophistication. With all the upcoming benefits as a client, with events, this adult site will take it up many notches on the expectations of men around Australia. The way it is now is like no other site internationally. I can’t wait for the next stages. Bring it on Lustii!!