04 Feb, 2021

demo testing

19 Oct, 2020
Elyssa Banks

Bored babies book meeeee

08 Oct, 2020
Amanda Ume

Good morning diary, i'm in need of a cuddle, some licks and definitely kisses to kick start my day. The weather isn't the best today and why it will be so good to get another amazing booking like I did yesterday from a dirty old gentleman, lol... they are the best when it comes to hugs and kisses... whenever you need some lovin, please let me know!

23 Sep, 2020
Nikki Jay

I had an amazing dinner tonight with a gentleman who made me feel real special. He gave me flowers and a box of chocolate upon arrival and I knew then I was going to enjoy this booking. Well the rest is history and I'm glad he found me on lustii... Goodnight everyone and sweet dreams! xo

21 Sep, 2020
Elyssa Banks

Curling up with a book to read tonight, almost curfew time, nothing wrong with a sexy skype time though right?

14 Sep, 2020

Good morning my lovers, its a beautiful day in Sydney today to rub some tanning lotion all over my body and maybe get naughty at the beach! xox

14 Sep, 2020
Sandy Cassidy

So excited to be listed on lustii.com and please make sure you check my profile for my special offers! Sandy xx

12 Sep, 2020
Elyssa Banks

Dying of boredom in Melbourne right now! Lockdown is killing me???????? Help a girl out ??

28 Aug, 2020
Mia Oriental

Another beautiful day and if you're looking for an amazing time with a well travelled women, please make sure you visit my profile! Mia xx

28 Aug, 2020
Nikki Jay

This is my first time being online since I started as an independent escort and i'm so excited to experience this new journey; thank you to my sister from another mister for referring me to lustii and I can't wait to spend some quality time with the men from down-under, Nikki xo