A Guide to Achieve Success and Satisfaction as a Sex Worker

Sex workers serve as caretakers of clients’ physical and mental health, and therefore they should be compensated accordingly.  With its relatively short career timeline, massive risk, stigma, and steep competition, life as an escort should include security, self-care, abundance, fun and adventure.  So why do so many sex workers struggle to build their business in a truly great industry?  One possible explanation is a lack of understanding of running their business which includes unprofessional attitude, not setting the right price for their services, lack of marketing and sales skills.  

Many sex workers have troublesome emotions related to wealth and capitalism and prefer to view themselves as healers rather than a business person.  Nothing wrong with been a healer, but if this well-intentioned kindness lacks the professional business practice, then it will leave a sex worker stuggling. So what should you do as an escort?

Be a Successful Escort

The most successful sex workers run their businesses like a business, behind the scenes, and serve as beautiful, fun dates when the curtain is up.  They are serious about success, and they view challenges through the lens of a business owner. They learn from their failures, and they correct mistakes if made (don’t allow themselves to make many). They do their research on how to target and capture better demographics.  They are constantly learning new skills and improving everything about themselves.  These successful escorts know marketing, networking, and sales.  They regroup after rejection and work harder after failed efforts.  You have to WORK for success. 

Improve your Adult Business Knowledge

Most of us know why we went into sex work; we love this lifestyle.  However, few of us invest time and effort into mastering business principles like finance, marketing, service standards, technical skill, and other tools. These tools are vital to grow your client base and deliver your services to the right audience. The best way forward is to read good books on how to run your escort business.

Don’t Be a Cheap Escort

Money isn’t evil; it’s necessary to live and serve.  There’s nothing immoral about making money, and you should not hate to have a healthy bank account.  Don’t compete on price with other escorts. Therefore you should not charge what other sex workers are charging.  Lowering your rates to compete with others will, quite literally, make your life more difficult.  It would be best if you base your rates on what you need to earn to pay expenses, taxes and a fair salary considering the risks and costs of being a part of the sex industry.  Please do the math. Being skilled at specialities, reliable, honest, attractive and great companion as per your target market’s desires, will enable you to charge a decent rate to your satisfaction and your customers.

Stop Living on Tips

Sure, clients who tip are great and always welcome, but many clients don’t tip. If your base-rate is too low then without the tip from the client, it will leave you resentful and underpaid.  The awkwardness of having an unreliable income will be destabilizing for your life. A clear picture of your bottom line will help you to survive with less stress every month.  A flat-rate system based on an increased rate that helps you maintain your bottom line will allow clients to receive great service without the hassle and happy clients will result in more bookings.  Busy, wealthy men enjoy knowing what to expect…and sure, they’ll often still tip extra just for fun.  Eliminate a reliance on tips to avoid upsettings yourself and the clients, and watch your total income increase.

Stop Thinking Poverty is Nobility

Not knowing how to relate to money healthily is a problem. You may even feel proud of being poor and secretly detesting the wealthy, and this is a sure way to have less success as a sex worker.  If you’re uncomfortable and fearful of financial prosperity and rich people, you’ll never have it or them.  And you’ll therefore work harder, longer, for less.  Your body and mind will not be able to handle this well. So stop thinking poverty is nobility and stop stressing yourself.  If you believe money is corrupting, you’ll listen to the negative questionable opinions from your customers about your rates being too high. You may even accept these negative comments and charge less to your customers. By doing this, you will not be able to work less. Therefore you will be restless, not able to see the clients who pay fair and may even burnout. If you continue to let these negative hobbyists effect you this may cause health issues as a result of overwork and underpay. This is true not only for sex work but for any work.

Stop believing in the idea that money is bad, your rate should be based on your market, costs and desired lifestyle. 

Be Realistic

if you’re failing to earn enough, find out why.  Do you need to move?  Improve your service or self?  Learn better business practices?  Ensure you provide a truly valuable service, and then take the steps necessary to be compensated fairly for that service. 


Be the best in some way that attracts customers who want you, not just anyone.  Find a niche (physical, technical, mental, emotional, whatever) and be great at it.  If you can change clients’ lives, you’ll cease to be a replaceable commodity and cease to serve hobbyist types who are less loyal, because you cannot build a stable, long-term client base based on the hobbyist types.  There are too many places these types of men can get cheap, mediocre, but acceptable service.  You must stand out in some way, being something nobody else is, so you can be truly great and see the success that comes from being special.

Face your Fear

Marketing effectively is crucial.  Escort directories like will introduce you to new clients. Online escort directories can bring new leads to you, but they cannot convert them into clients for you if your fear cancels out these leads.  If you fear rejection because you secretly believe other sex workers are better than you, it’ll become true.  Truly, most clients won’t decide you’re their favourite.  But the few that will, will become your base and revisit you for many years, because They Like You. You must find these customers to build your base.  Rejection is part of marketing…it’s not scary.  It happens to everyone.  Worrying that clients and colleagues will judge you negatively is a total waste of time; focus on serving the clients who adore you. 

A Failure is a Step Toward Success

Being afraid of failure will stop you from taking risks. Business requires risk taking, and there are no guarantees.  The key is to learn and improve.  If you’re afraid to be seen as aggressive or self-serving because you wish to earn a living and have a great life in sex work? You should know that your healthy mind, body, and stable earnings will allow you to serve your clients better. When you can afford to stay fit and healthy, get sleep, live in a nice home in a safe neighborhood, and pay your bills, you’ll be a better escort for your clients and a happier person in general.  Focus on helping those who want you, gratitude for their fair payment for your hard work and availability to them, and ignore what those who are envious, sad, or angry say.  They aren’t important.

I acknowledge each of us has different goals.  Please do what works for your life. I wrote this only in the hope that it helps someone.  Much love,

Amy Taylor